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glory holes australia

Welcome to Glory Hole Australia. We are working towards having the most comprehensive glory hole list in all of Australia. We were previously using wordpress but now have to move to a hard coded website. if you want to add some where to our list you need to email in your suggestion to hookup@gloryhole.com.au

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glory holes adelaide

If you are looking for glory holes in Adelaide then we have done the leg work for you here are some of the popular ones that we have managed to find. Of coarse they close down from time to time so please feel free to contact us at ant time with updates you will find our email address below.

  • In the mens toilet which a located behind the italian club at the end of Briar Rd, Felixstow. The Klemzig bus station is on the other side of the river. I went into the toilet and checked it out yesterday 7th July... the hole is still there in the mens toilet door. I have no idea if or when it is ever used. (2011)
  • Cruisy park, toilet in the change room and the parking lot After 6 pm, inside the changing rooms and outside in the carpark you can find a ton of men of all types. You can get whatever you want.(2004)

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glory holes brisbane

Brisbane is a great place for some fun sex time below you will find a list of locations that we were emailed about many moons ago. If you have any other awesome places then please let us know at hookup(at)gloyhole.com.au.

  • The Everything Adult stores in the city and the Valley both have and "adult cinema" that also have booths (upstairs in the valley, downstairs in the city) that all have gloryholes. They are both dingey shitholes, though. $10 to get in, generic porn playing on several screens / projectors.(2015)
  • Bodyline & Klub Kruise in Brisbane - several emails from people on business trips, never failed to find plenty of talent.

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glory holes canbera

Even though Canbera is our nations capital for political correctness it also has an exciting underbelly that simply should make our nation proud.

  • Charnwood Public Toilets , Charnwood Shopping Centre , Canberra Small public toilet with hand basin, , and two cubicles with a in between. Crowd: Mixed crowd.
  • ANU Canberra Gents Toilets , Canberra Three cubicles, peepholes and writing. Crowd: From college guys to college professors, galore!.

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glory holes darwin

While Darwin is a small city compared to most its so damn hot that, the general population is Hornier than most of Australia.

  • Casuarina Free Beach The weather's always hot and so are the men a very popular location that has performed well for years.
  • Vestys Beach Active is an active night beat. Action happens in everywhere from the t/block, but mainly in the park behind it to the Mindal beach end of the park, under the large trees large diversity of visitors.

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glory holes tasmania

Launceston is a great place to have an active sex life providing some amazing hook up locations. It also has some beautiful scenery...while your waiting.

  • Bradys Lookout, Launceston Has disabled/Mens tiolet.Hole looks into mens. Doesnt Lock.Pathways to lookout. Secluded at night from road. Has BBQ area.
  • Duck Reach Power Station ,Just upstream over the rocks from the power station, keep it on your right as you walk for about 2-3 mins til you see other guys, some skinnydipping sunbaking naked, that's it, you are there.

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glory holes melbourne

Melbourne has a vibrant an exciting sex culture, here's some that have been sent in if you have some favourites please send them through.

  • Victory Park - Brighton Patterson Rd , Melbourne Sports Park on Patterson Road with toilet block and playing fields - lots of bushes along the back fence for night time use. This is a great place as an alternative to Hurlingham Park and Dendy Par ...
  • Bourchiers Road End of Bouchiers Road , Melbourne Crowd: Lots of local bi-guys, mainly young, a few women and a few yobbos.Facilities: Swimming, bush walking and being naked outdoors.

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glory holes perth

Perth is an amazing city that has some great sex action, we are looking to haveing some more exciting locations for your sexual tryst in WA.

  • Lesmurdie Falls Park , PerthThis is a quiet location set in the hills and has a toilet block. You can always go into the bush area for some hot outdoor fun. Crowd: Depends reps, guys 25+ just depends on weater or day.
  • Middle Swan Perth , Perth This is a very popular cruise area, the first as you enter Perth from the north or east. The best place during the day is the toilets; at night under the bridge or river bank. All types go there.

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glory holes sydney

Sydney is the largest city in Australia which means a huge population looking to get it on. While we have two locations listed sydney has heps that aren't.

  • Jordan Road Toilet Jordan Road , Sydney It is packed -- literally -- any time of day. Filled with a variety of people. s. Crowd: All ages. Beware of old guys during the day, but any time is awesome.
  • Public Toilets near Coles Thompsons Corner , Sydney One of the best (if not THE best) spot We have heard of. We have heard If you go there 5 days in a week you'll get action at least 3 days after waiting maybe 20 minutes.

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